A NOC use case – vROPS 8.1 Alert User Assignment

NOCs want all the generated alerts from applications and systems to come to them and be able to assign to respective group / person

As we see vRealize Operations giving rich metrics and smart alerting for the infrastructure teams, the use cases are now being expanded to the NOC teams within organizations like Banks who operate 24/7. One of the requirements from NOC is to converge the vROPS alerts to NOC and then they will need to have the capability to ‘Assign’ these alerts to the right team – OS, Compute, Storage, Network and security etc.

vROPS 8.1 introduced this small, but a a very effective feature, where by we can easily assign alerts. Please see the steps below –

Step 1 – vROPS Permissions needed for the NOC user – ‘Manage Assignment and Manage Ownership’ & ‘View Access Control Page’

Step 2 – vROPS home page – Alerts – > Select the triggered alert -> Actions -> Assign to -> here we can search for the user and assign the alert

Step 3 – The respective user (who has been assigned the alert) can see the specific alert assigned to him by filtering the vROPS alerts by owner.


Non-admin User (ex : NOC) permissions needed to assign Alerts to another user

  1. Administration -> Access -> Access Control -> Select Role-> Edit-> Administration-> Access-> Access Control -> View Access Control Page
  • Environment -> Alerts Management -> Management Assignment & Manage Ownership
  • Apart from the above 2 we will need the user to have the rest of the standard permissions needed to view the alert page and the respective alerts.

Assigning Alerts to the User:

  1. On Alerts page -> Select the Alert -> Actions -> Assign to ->
  • Search for the User – > Save.
  • The ‘assigned user’ then logs in – and will filter the alerts by owner (by keying in the user name) and get to see the alerts assigned to him and to plan for further action.

Conclusion :

These could be small, but unexplored features, however we saw this being effectively used now, by organizations where the NOC team prefers all the alerts to be sent to them and they instead assign to the right users, instead of everyone receiving all the alerts from vROPS, relevant or irrelevant to them.


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