Advanced Monitoring for Horizon with ControlUp

From version 8.1 and up, ControlUp allows VMware Horizon integration by monitoring and collecting metadata directly from the Horizon API. This allows ControlUp to display real-time Horizon-specific information.

ControlUp’s solution is a comprehensive monitoring, management, and remediation system that provides deep visibility into the real-time activity of servers, workstations, user sessions, and their applications.

ControlUp system has three modules:

ControlUp Console

  • The real-time monitoring ControlUp Console module gathers and displays a wealth of current information regarding system health and performance, allowing powerful management actions to be executed to resolve issues and change system configurations. 
  • The console module is a live spreadsheet-like grid that can be customized and configured to suit users’ requirements. The console grid contains metric columns that can be sorted and double-clicked to navigate across the systems.

ControlUp Monitor

  • The ControlUp Monitor module assists with monitoring your assets and alerts about any abnormal behavior according to a customizable set of incident triggers, 24/7. It is similar to the ControlUp Console but without an interactive user interface. 
  • Once installed and launched, the monitor connects to the managed assets of your organization and starts receiving system information and performance updates, just like an additional ControlUp Console user.

ControlUp Insight

  • The ControlUp Insight module is a reporting and analytics platform that accumulates activity and performance data over time and displays it over various reports and dashboards. 
  • This enables the systems administrator to investigate past issues, track usage trends, analyze the system’s performance and make decisions regarding future system design and configuration.

Horizon Integration

Native API integration with VMware Horizon enables customers to add Horizon environments to the ControlUp Console in a few clicks, including:

  • Automatic discovery of Horizon components in both standard and Cloud Pod architecture.
  • Seamless association of Horizon components with entities from data sources such as hypervisors and in-guest agents for complete line-of-sight from infrastructure to process.
  • Connection server health status & license monitoring.
  • Enhanced session monitoring with Horizon performance metrics.
  • Horizon-focused presets for Horizon Pods, Connection Servers, Pools, Machines, and Sessions views.
  • Enhanced Horizon environment management capabilities include new Horizon-specific:
  • Built-in actions
  • Security policy permissions
  • Script Actions
  • Automated Actions
  • Enhanced Virtual Expert rules and recommendations

ControlUp Architecture – On-Premises

Adding a VMware Horizon Connection

To connect ControlUp to your Horizon deployment, you must create a VMware Horizon site connection in the ControlUp Console. The connection will specify the Horizon pools(s) from which data will be gathered, as well as the credentials used for data collection and management actions. The following are mandatory prerequisites for adding a Horizon “EUC Environment” connection:

Port TCP 443 opened between console <> connection server or data collector <> connection server

To add a VMware Horizon connection:

  1. Click on the Add EUC Environment button in the Home ribbon or right-click your organization, select Add > EUC Environment and the Add EUC Environment Connection dialog box appears.
  2. From the Solution/Platform drop-down box select VMware Horizon.
  3. In the Connection Server Name/IP enter the full name (FQDN), hostname or IP address of a Connection Server in your Horizon site, it will auto-discover all the components in the Horizon environment.
  4. From the Credentials dropdown box select or add a set of credentials that will be used for data collection from your Horizon infrastructure.
  5. Click OK and the Horizon site is connected.
  6. Once connected you will be prompted to configure the Pod Connection Settings.
  7. If you would like to remove one of the Pod connections, select it from the dropdown and uncheck Add this Pod to ControlUp Console. It is highly recommended to configure a dedicated data collector.
  8. Click OK and the VMWare Horizon connection is complete.

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