Workspace ONE UEM Basic Administrator Password & Session Policies

As VMware is committed to the highest security standards the Workspace ONE UEM teams are hardening password policy for Basic Administrators to comply with the latest SOC 2 requirements. Basic Administrators are the user accounts created and managed within Workspace ONE UEM. These users are not associated with Directory Services or Active Directory configurations. This change is also NOT applicable to basic non-administrator user accounts meaning user accounts such as basic staging accounts or basic enrollment users will not be affected.

Upcoming change for Workspace ONE UEM 2302:

if you still experience issues – simply logging in with the expired basic account will allow an update of the password. If the environment is configured with SSO/SAML for admin logon please use the following suffix /AirWatch/Login?ReturnUrl=%2FAirWatch%2F&loginAsDifferentUser=True in order to get past the automated SSO flows.


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