VMware Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen

VMware Horizon Cloud Service is a cloud-based virtual desktop and application delivery platform offered by VMware. It enables organizations to deliver virtual desktops and applications to end-users on any device, anywhere, from the cloud.

Some of the New Features

Desktops and Applications

  • Desktops and Applications
    • Pool Groups
      • You now have the option to use non-occupancy based power management.
        Non-occupancy based power management optimizes power consumption by powering on or powering off VMs based on a set “Unused VMs” threshold. An Unused VM is a virtual machine which is provisioned but does not have a user logged in. The system looks at the number of unused VMs in that pool group that are powered on relative to the total number of VMs provisioned in that pool group to determine whether some VMs should be powered ON or OFF.
    • Help Desk
      • Help Desk is now enabled for the Horizon Universal Console for Horizon 8 and native cloud hybrid deployments. 
    • Horizon Accelerator
      • For Horizon Cloud Service -next-gen customers with the VMware Horizon Accelerator add-on license, a new feature is available that provides operation insights related to the provider, such as Microsoft Azure, to optimize deployed resources for Horizon 8. 
    • Horizon Edge
      • Improved Horizon 8 Edge Gateway troubleshooting is now available through a diagnostic script.
    • Horizon Universal Subscription License
      • You can now generate and view perpetual keys within the Horizon Universal Console if your subscription includes a license to use VMware products such as vSphere, vSAN, vCenter, App Volumes Enterprise, ThinApp Client, ThinApp Virtual Packager and Workstation Pro.
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
      • True SSO
        • True SSO is now available in addition to the existing VMware CA and allows the use of a Microsoft CA for single sign-on. Multi-forest support is not yet available when using True SSO.
    • Machine Identity
      • You can now use Azure Active Directory when you perform an App Capture with a capture machine.
    • User Card & Search
      • Identity Provider configuration has been added as an optional step to the Get Started page for Horizon 8 Edges to connect an identity provider to enable Horizon Cloud user cards and user search.

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